Features Of FWD SYSTEM
  Software control for shipments and document control for freight forwarding businesses.
  Create all logistical documentation, financial reports and accounting reports.
  Check the status of all documents at any time.
  Customer can book online from web site (customer tracking).
  Create invoice/packing list and interface 3 parties or more
  Can send documents by fax or e-mail
  Can scan original documents and save to current job
  Can interface between branches via internet
  Can be operated using a smartphone
The special ability of the program
  Control all working jobs by status (In-order , waiting , complete ,cancel)
  Can view all job process on one monitor
  Can pass all data to other departments without needing to key data in again.
  Can attach memoranda for any job.
  Job alerts notified and organised by calendar.
  Can view all documents within the system before printing originals.
  Can create a new job from a previous data set by copying the forms contents.
  Your customer can book a job online and track status using our Customer Tracking Program.
  This program can help you close your account
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